We are a boutique management consulting firm dedicated to ensuring your organization’s mission achievement and financial success.
We provide strategic planning, fundraising, retreat design and facilitation, and executive coaching services to nonprofits and foundations to accelerate progress toward your vision and goals
If you are a nonprofit or foundation, your organization will be most successful if you formulate a unique, compelling vision and workable strategies based on that vision.
Environmental Scans
We work with you to identify similar organizations so that we can learn from what those groups are doing to advance their missions. 
Vision and Strategy
We aid you in understanding your organization’s unique strengths so your organization can stand out from the crowd and attract donors.  We facilitate the process of developing a clear and compelling vision.  We also help create the strategies and tactics that will enable you to achieve that vision.
We advise on all aspects of implementation, including designing your organizational structure, hiring the right people, and selecting the most appropriate software and systems. We have broad knowledge of human resources, information technology, finance, and facilities.  And we have relationships with other consultants who have deeper knowledge in each of these areas.


Once your organizational strategy is set, you will need to raise the revenue to achieve it.  Our consultants have deep experience in all aspects of fundraising—major gifts, corporations and foundations, special events, annual fund—as well as alternative means of generating revenue, such as earned revenue and impact investing.


Board Retreats
You are a board member or executive director who wants to train your entire board on governance, fundraising, or some other topic.  Your organization is small, and you want to tackle a specific strategic challenge.  These are just two of the reasons you may wish us to assist you in designing and facilitating a retreat.  We develop retreats that engage all board members through small group work and role playing.  We encourage maximum participation from you in planning the retreat so it reflects your board’s culture and learning style.
Staff Retreats
You want to bring your entire staff or department together for planning, team building or some other purpose, and you wish to participate fully rather than facilitate the meeting yourself.  With you, we design and facilitate a staff retreat that is customized to your topic, length of time available, and number of employees participating.


Our consultants have extensive experience with professional coaching from multiple perspectives. If you are a senior executive, we may be the right coach for you if you are transitioning into the nonprofit sector, working inside a nonprofit or foundation, and/or considering your next career move.  If you are a board member, we may be able to assist you in handling challenges you are not comfortable discussing with your peers or the staff.
Our coaching philosophy is practical and action-oriented.  We believe coaching is most effective when the learner has clear professional goals and a timeline for achieving them.
We create goals for each session with you, the learner.  We end each session by developing action steps to be taken before the next session.


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